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Terms & Conditions

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Terms for use
Subscription payment
Changes to services
Internet trafic
Pornographic content


The following definitions are used in Meebox’ Terms & Conditions.
Customer – the entity (person, company, organisation, association etc.), who buys a product or service from Meebox
Meebox – Meebox ApS and or a Meebox ApS subsidiary company which sell products or services to a Customer
My Meebox – a secure area on Meebox’ website from where the Customer can manage all services, domains, payments, support etc. My Meebox can be accessed through this web address:
Service – The products or digital services bought by the Customer.


The following terms govern the relationship between the Customer and Meebox. By accepting these terms & conditions, the Customer accept that these apply at all times and that they regulate the relationship between the Customer and Meebox, including ordering and use of Meebox’ services. The terms & conditions are at all times applicable unless anything else is clearly stated in a written agreement between the Customer and Meebox. The Customer must, in order to buy and use a product from Meebox, accept the terms & conditions and be of legal age or have the permission of his/her guardian. Meebox’ services, content of the services and stated prices will at all times be listed on Meebox’ website. Ordered services will be created as soon as the payment is registered in Meebox’ system. Before a service can be delivered, the Customer has to go through Meebox’ security and fraud check.


In order to order and use services from Meebox, the Customer must provide up-to-date and correct personal information. It is the Customer’s responsibility to keep all information correct and up-to-date. The Customer’s information can be changed via My Meebox. All information about the Customer that Meebox is in possession of must and will be stored in accordance with Meebox’ Privacy Policy. Meebox reserve the right to announce the Customer’s company name or domain name(s) on a list of selected references. If Meebox choose to make use of this right, and the Customer does not want to be represented on said list, the Customer can request a removal from the list and Meebox will remove the Customer’s information from the list within 72 hours.

Terms for use

In addition to Meebox’ general terms & conditions, the Customer also accepts the Terms for use of those services that Customer has active

Terms for use of Domains
Terms for use of Webhotels
Terms for use of Cloud Servers


The Customer will, when buying a new or renewing existing products and services, receive a bill, which will be available at the Customer’s My Meebox at all times. The bill shall be considered the receipt for the purchase. As soon as Meebox has registered the Customer’s payment, the Customer will receive a receipt by e-mail. Payments are non-refundable unless a refund, money-back or similar policy applies.

Credit or debit card
The Customer can choose to pay online with a credit card or a debit card. Credit card and debit card covers Dankort, VISA/Dankort, VISA, VISA Electron, Mastercard and American Express. All payments are at all times handled via a SSL-encrypted connection and a PCI-certified payment gateway, which protects the information of the Customer in accordance with international rules regarding online payments.

The Customer has the option of paying via Paypal. In addition to Meebox’ terms & conditions, PayPal’s own terms & conditions will apply when paying via Paypal.

The Customer can choose to receive an invoice by e-mail, which can be paid via bank transfer. When paying via a bank transfer, an additional fee of 25 DKK (3,35 Euro) will be added. It is the Customer’s responsibility to make sure that the transfer can be identified with the correct invoice.

Public sector entities can receive EAN-invoices. All EAN-invoices will have an additional fee of 35 DKK added.

Missing payments
In the case of missing payments, a reminder fee of 100 DKK (13,4 Euro) will be added to each reminder. In the case of continuing missing payments, the matter may be handled by a collection agency. Additional fees and rates will be charged in accordance with the applicable law. All payment reminders and reminders will be send to the Customer by e-mail.

Subscription payment

All payments with credit card or debit card, no matter type, will automatically be added to to the automatic subscription payment. With subscription payment, the Customer’s services are automatically paid and renewed, unless the service is discontinued in a timely manner. In the event of a failed payment, regardless of cause, an extra payment request will be send to the Customer’s e-mail. In accordance with Meebox’ Privacy Policy and Security Policy, Meebox are at no time storing the Customer’s credit card information.Credit card information is handled by Nets Danmark A/S and a PCI-certified payment gateway provider. All transactions will be send via an encrypted connection. The Customer has the right to have his/her credit card information removed, should the card expire, be closed, cancelled or in any other way changed. The Customer can change the card that is used for subscription payment. Should the Customer want to have his/her subscription payment revoked, the Customer must contact Meebox.


Meebox can offer to refuel the Customer’s account at Meebox with money for usage. The balance of the customer’s account cannot be paid out or refunded. Therefore the Customer renounces all rights of cancellation and refunding, as soon as a transaction to the Customer’s account has been completed. The balance of the Customer’s account can at all times be used for purchasing services of Meebox and can be deducted from future purchases and renewals.


All active services will include support. Support is offered via Live-chat and Helpdesk as well as operation support and Knowledge database. One can expect a response on a support request within 24 hours on weekdays. Meebox is only offering support for Meebox’ own infrastructure and those services, that Meebox offer. Meebox therefore do not offer support for third party software, including but not limited to: Software installed by the Customer and software or other data developed or uploaded by the Customer or any other third party.

The Customer has the option to purchase special support-packages, including Management-agreements, access to a hotline and phone-support. Phone support is billed by the start of every hour for the listed or agreed on hourly price. The hotline may only be used in the case of crash or unavailability. If Meebox is not responsible for the reported failure, the Customer will be charged an additional 800,- DKK (107,18 Euro) per call plus technician hourly rate.

Special terms & conditions for support of specific services may be applicable. These special terms & conditions will be stated in the terms & conditions for the specific service.


The customer waives the right to 14 days money-back upon payment, since the hosting account is a digital product and custom configured to each customer. Meebox offer the following refunding-policy:

Refundering Credit card Bank transfer PayPal
Shared Webhotel 90 days 45 days 45 days
Professional Webhotel 90 days 45 days 45 days
Webhotel Reseller 14 days 14 days 14 days
Domain None Ingen Ingen
SSL-certificate The provider’s own policy, maximum 90 days. The provider’s own policy, maximum 90 days. The provider’s own policy, maximum 90 days.
Other None None None

Refunds shown above only applies to hosting accounts prepaid for 12, 24 or 36 months. In the case of a failed refunding and transfer to bank due to incorrect information, an administration fee of 25 DKK will be added to each failed try. Establishment fees, administration fees, renewals, products and services not mentioned, cannot be refunded. The Customer waives his/her 14-days cancellation right once the payment is complete due to it being a digital service and specially configured for the Customer.


The applicable uptime for any service will be listed on the related product page or “Terms for the use of” for the service in question. A minimum of 99,90 % uptime measured over a period of three consecutive months is at all times – no matter the service – guaranteed.

Meebox average availability is: 99,98 % (Source: Pingdom – 05/12/2013)
Meebox average uptime is: 100 % (Source: VMware vCenter – 05/12/2013)


Downtime is defined as the event during which a service is not generally available due to reason caused directly by Meebox. Unavailability caused by the Customer’s own actions, or lack of the same, or other parameters not under the control of Meebox, do not count as downtime that justifies a refund. In addition to the already mentioned terms & conditions, Meebox can never be held liable for disruptions to the operation, interruptions, damages, errors etc. This includes conditions outside of Meebox’ control, such as flooding, strikes, war, terror, stroke of lightning, overload or errors on own or foreign network, system crash, work stoppages, lockouts (also amount Meebox’ own employees), errors at the hands of third parties or any other Act of God. In order for the Customer to be eligible for compensation, he or she must be able to show a reliable report that comply with Meebox’ own uptime and availability check.

Changes to services

Meebox reserve the right to change in the Customer’s services in order to maintain a high level of security and stability. All changes, no matter the size, will be announced within a minimum of 48 hours via Meebox’ own Status Page, except in the case of operation critical changes. In this case, the changes will be announced as soon as possible via Meebox’ Status Page.


The following leads to warnings, followed by suspension
– Violation of copyright: Direct violation of copyright, as defined in the “Bekendtgørelse af lov om ophavsret”
– Threats and harassment: Meebox’ services cannot be used to threaten or harass individuals, organisations or companies, unless it can be characterized as a use of free speech.
– Extremely offensive content: Content that can be characterized as being extremely offensive, will result in a warning and in some cases, or in the case of repetition suspension

The following leads to direct suspension, with or without warning:
– Unsolicited e-mail: Distribution of unsolicited emails (SPAM)
– Attempted overload: Direct or indirect excessive use, that can or may lead to an overload of Meebox’ or a third parties system.
– Phishing: Any activity related to phishing or systems designed to collect personal data under false pretense is a violation that will lead to a suspension. Splash pages, phishing formulas, e-mail distribution, proxy email or content directly related to phishing-activities etc. will result in immediate cancellation.
– Distribution of malware: Storage, distribution, production or use of malware or virus software, root kits, password crackers, adware, key-stroke-capture-programs or other programs that can be used in bad faith.

The following leads to direct cancellation and deletion, without the possibility of a refund:
– Fraud: All activities aimed at committing fraud
– Child pornography: If using Meebox’ services to store, distribute etc. of child pornographic material is illegal and will result in an immediate cancellation and deletion. Furthermore more, Meebox will report the activities to the authorities.
– Illegal use: Any use of services, directly aimed toward the committing illegal activities.This includes, but is not limited to: Death threats, terrorist threats, threats that can/will hurt a third party, violation of the privacy, credit card fraud, blackmailing or any other illegal activity.
– Denial of Service: The use of services provided by Meebox in order to carry out denial of service attacks or ‘distributed denial of service’-attacks etc.
– Terror-related websites: The use of Meebox’ services to store, distribute etc. terrorist-related activities.

Meebox reserve the right to automatically scan for and remove content, that might be in violation with Meebox’ terms & conditions. Meebox reserve the right to suspend the Customer’s service if it has a negative impact on the system’s stability.

Internet traffic

The applicable traffic-limits will at all times be listed at Meebox’ website. If a service has a traffic limit and the Customer exceeds this limit, the service will be suspended or an additional fee for overconsumption will be added. The Customer will receive warning e-mails, when the service has used 80 % and 95 % of that month’s allowed traffic.

Pornographic content

Meebox allow pornographic content to a limited extent. Pornographic material may be used on all Meebox’ services except for the Shared Webhotels. Meebox demand that all pornographic material is in accordance with Danish Law and does not violate any copyrights.

Meebox reserve the right to remove pornographic content that can be characterized as extremely offensive or in any other way inappropriate. Meebox maintain a zero tolerance policy in regards to child pornography.


A suspension can take place if Meebox’ terms & conditions are violated, as described in Meebox’ Terms for use or in the case of a missing payment. Meebox reserve the right to suspend or cancel services that contains material that can be seen as damaging to Meebox, Meebox’ brand or Meebox’ business.


Unless otherwise clearly stated in a written agreement between the Customer and Meebox, a service has to be actively canceled before the next payment date. If a service is not canceled before the next payment date, it is by Meebox considered to be the Customer’s acceptance of the extension of the service.

The Customer’s service will automatically be suspended 48 hours after the last day of payment, if the payment has failed to appear. After 30 days without payment, all unpaid services and related data are removed without the possibility of recovery.

Meebox reserve the right to, without any warning, cancel the Customer’s service, if the Customer to a certain extent breach his or her obligations stated in Meebox’ terms & conditions.

In the event of a cancellation made by Meebox, the Customer is under no circumstances entitled to a return, payback or refund of the service in question.

Upon termination of a service, either in the case of expiry, Customer-made cancellation or a Meebox-made cancellation, all data belonging to the Customer related to the service in question will be removed after 30 days without the possibility of recovery.


Any kind of use of any service offered by Meebox is at the Customer’s own risk. Meebox take no responsibility for the content and or data that are transmitted to or from the Customer’s service via the internet, including incorrectness, legalness or fineness etc. Meebox is not responsible for any loss, direct or indirect violations or any other event that may occur as a result of use of information transmitted via the internet through Meebox’ services. Meebox have no liability for any loss that the Customer might suffer from, due to a lack of connection to Meebox’ services from the internet no matter the cause for the lack of connection.

Meebox is not responsible for unauthorized access to the Customer’s data or systems or damage or data loss related to this. Meebox hold no responsibility for direct or indirect loss of data, damage to data or restoration of data, no matter the cause. Furthermore, Meebox cannot be held liable. If Meebox should be held liable, Meebox’ area of responsibility will be limited to the Customer’s total expenses related to the service in question offered by Meebox.

All disclaimers in these conditions are at all times and in all respects applying, unless Meebox have acted with gross negligence or intentionally harmful to the Customer.


Any intentional abuse of Meebox’ services, website or systems will result in a immediately cancellation, exclusion or in some cases, the filling of a police report.

Meebox do not distinguish between abuse and attempt of abuse.
Abuse includes, but is not limited to:
Hacking of Meebox’ or Meebox’ Customer’s; websites, systems or services.


Meebox reserve the right to change in the terms & conditions without a prior notice. All changes have to be announced via e-mail or My Meebox. If the Customer cannot accept the changes, he or she can file a request stating that the Customer would like Meebox to cancel the Customer’s account and all services, within 10 days after the changes have been applied. If the Customer fail to contact Meebox within the stated period of time, the changed terms & conditions will apply for the relationship between the Customer and Meebox.
Meebox reserve the right to make changes to the listed prices for current Customers with 30 days prior notice. All price changes have to be announced via e-mail. Meebox reserve the right to refuse a sale of service to any person, organisation or entity. Meebox reserve the right to exclude persons, who Meebox consider to be unpleasant, unfriendly or threatening. In extreme cases, Meebox can cancel a person’s active services and exclude the person from buying services from Meebox in the future.

Meebox hold no responsibility for any typing or spelling errors. Meebox have the right to correct errors in the terms & conditions at all times without prior notice.