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MSSQL available as Cloud Server

It is with great pleasure that we can announce a new product (server image) to our Cloud Servers. As of now it is possible to create servers with MSSQL preinstalled! And the best part is – we take care of all the licenses!


We sill be offering MSSQL Web Edition and MSSQL Standard Edition. Please note when you may use which edition. We recommend that you read about this before you setup your server. The image itself is not preconfigured, so you must build the server once set up. When you create a new MSSQL server, all you have do to is the final setup. We take care of all the licenses with Microsoft.


MSSQL images will only be available on servers with 2Gb ram or more. MSSQL Web Edition will cost DKK 0,95 pr. 2Gb RAM pr. hour incl VAT. MSSQL Standard Edition will be DKK 2,7 pr. 2Gb RAM pr. hour incl. VAT.


You can compare the to versions of MSSQL via this link: Mark WEB edition and STANDARD edition and check the differences in the table. It is very important to chose the right version from the beginning, so you always follow the rules of each license.


I hope you will be happy about this new product. I know that we are very happy to finally being able to offer this. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.