Meebox bliver til UnoEuro. Læs hvad det betyder for dig. with new website and several new features

Following a long period of hard work, we are now proud to present our new website, a website that both reflects the current state of Meebox as well as the company’s future.

The new website, which was first revealed to be underway in early September, comes with a whole range of new features, which we are more than sure you will benefit from. The knowledge database is already up and running and will see even more articles and guides added in the near future. Meebox Business is another service that we have worked on as well. However, before presenting Meebox Business to all of you out there, we need to work out the very last details.

The new state-of-the-art website, built upon the idea of a simple, user- and mobile-friendly design, also brings with it updates to My Meebox. With the new updates, My Meebox has become even easier for you to use and we have also made it easier for you to overlook all your different services.

The domain search option has also been improved which makes it easier for you to find the right domain name for your company, idea or whatever project you are working on!

In connection with the launch of the new website, we have also updated our terms and conditions. These changes affect updates to our systems, support via the live chat as well as general usage. The changed terms and conditions will come into effect in 60 days, in accordance with the terms for change of conditions. We strongly advise you to read the updated terms and conditions here.

Following long considerations, we have decided, in accordance with the company’s strategy, to make some small adjustments to the price level of the cheapest webhotels. With the new prices, the cheapest webhotels now cost only 15 DKK, 30 DKK and 45 DKK per month. The customers who, within 90 days are set to extend the services, will not be affected by the change in price in 2013, whereas the customers who have to extend after the 90 days mark will be affected. These price changes do not bring any changes to the size of the different packages.

Additionally, we have added subscription payment accompanied with an automatic renewal service. This will result in an even better service for you, our dear customers, and it will also mean less work for you due to the fact that if you pay your services via the subscription service, you will never have to worry about unpaid bills and the fear of having your service suspended because of an unpaid bill – it won’t get any easier than this!

We are extremely proud and happy with all these new features. With the new website, we are prepared to take on the challenges of tomorrow, and we are confident that with all the new features, we will be able to offer the same quality hosting combined with low prices and a fantastic service that we are known for.

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Best regards,
The team 🙂