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Meebox with family expansion: the support-team with two new faces

You can’t exactly say that the last couple of weeks and months have been dull here at Meebox. With the release of the new website, Meebox Business and much more, it has been necessary for Meebox to expand the staff.

This time around, it’s the highly praised support team who gets a noticeable boost with the recruitment of Christian and Bithiah.

Christian and Bithiah steps into the hardworking support team with immediate effect and with them, they bring years of experience within the field of web-hosting support.

The two new supporters have been handpicked by Meebox’s head of support, Kim Boldig, who has made sure that our two new staff members are a perfect fit for the company.

Chief technology officer at Meebox ApS, Anders Eiler, says that the recruitment of the two new supporters is based on the company’s goal to maintain an extremely high level of service while expanding the company further.

“We have a clear goal to maintain the high level of service that we are known for and which our customers appreciate. With the company growing, it’s very natural that our “family” grows with it. That’s the reason why we have hired Christian and Bithiah, starting from the 1st of November.”

The reason why it was Christian and Bithiah who were chosen, is no coincidence, Anders Eiler reveals:

“It’s the perfect match, if you ask me. Christian and Bithiah both have years of experience within the field, and they both speak and write Swedish fluently, something which goes hand in hand with our company’s strategy. We can at the same time meet their desire for working with a young, dynamic and upcoming company in extreme growth. We are all very excited to get them started and to let them contribute in maintaining a high level of customer service”

All Meeboxers can as of today meet Christian and Bithiah, who will be guiding you all, when and if you have any questions regarding your hosting solution at

The two new members of the team said the following:

“We are extremely excited to start at Meebox, due to the company’s good reputation and highly praised support team. We believe that we will be able to make a difference at Meebox and help the customers in a fast and efficient way. Meanwhile, we are also looking forward to make use of the qualifications and knowledge that we posses and have acquired after many years in business.
We consider Meebox a very interesting company that we are excited to drive to the forefront of the web-hosting business.”

At Meebox we are happy with our two new colleagues and we are confident that they will play an integral part in our company’s growth while the support maintains the high level of service which all of you have become very accustomed to.

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