Meebox bliver til UnoEuro. Læs hvad det betyder for dig.

It’s our birthday!

It’s Meebox’ birthday! (do you have any idea how much preparation lies behind thouse 3 words…?). We got a lot of suggestions that we should give you guys cake. That has been written down. Next year we will invite for cake and coco in Meebox HQ.


We have (of course) chosen to celebrate this with some awesome offers! We have made different discounts and surprises every day from now and until april 10th 2012. We’ll also have a HAPPY BIRTHDAY HOUR with extreme offers for our current customers. So keep an eye on, Facebook and Twitter!


All the offers are listed here:


Up to 100% DISCOUNT on our Cheap Webhosting

You will get 100% discount on our cheap webhosting the next day or two. But you’ll have to hurry – only the first 100 will be able to use this great offer!*


How about 50% DISCOUNT on our Professional Webhosting.


Cloud Management is free all april to all new customers who wants to try it out. In may and june you’ll only pay half the regular price. Free setup and test of regular cloud hosting is of course continued. And over the next 10 days you’ll get an extra 1000 units for freen when you sign up!**


 * This offer only applies for the first year and cannot be used for 2-year and 3-year purchases
** Cancellation of a Cloud Management service is this month + the next.

You can only use every offer once pr. service. You can however combine them however you want, fx a Cheap Hosting account and Meebox Cloud.


But but but… It’s not all sales talk on a day like this! We want to say thanks to alle the people that stood behind us from the start and who have believed in our project. We want to thank all our customers for carrying us to where we are today – without you we wouldn’t be here. Thank you!


Let the show begin… 🙂


Kind birthday-regards,

Anders, Patrick and the rest of Team Meebox.