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Customers on Twitter: This is why we have chosen Meebox

In the last days of November (2013), we asked all of our followers on the social media channels why they had chosen as their preferred web hosting company. A lot of people took to Twitter to explain why they preferred, and by doing so, they were automatically put in the running for one Prohotel 1-webhotel for […] Continue reading “Customers on Twitter: This is why we have chosen Meebox”.

Meebox with family expansion: the support-team with two new faces

You can’t exactly say that the last couple of weeks and months have been dull here at Meebox. With the release of the new website, Meebox Business and much more, it has been necessary for Meebox to expand the staff. This time around, it’s the highly praised support team who gets a noticeable boost with […] Continue reading “Meebox with family expansion: the support-team with two new faces”. with new website and several new features

Following a long period of hard work, we are now proud to present our new website, a website that both reflects the current state of Meebox as well as the company’s future. The new website, which was first revealed to be underway in early September, comes with a whole range of new features, which we […] Continue reading “ with new website and several new features”.

New cPanel design

In our recent user tests, we found that especially one thing was mentioned over and over again. Our control panel! It has all the functions it needs, and can do everything that you need – but a lot of people found it difficult to use, confusing and not very intuitive.   We have listened to […] Continue reading “New cPanel design”.

Welcome to the new Meebox!

I got a really good excuse to why you might think it’s been a little too quiet around here the last couple of days: After several months of intense work, we are finally ready with a total relaunch of our visual identity, and equipped to show the world, why Meebox is the best!   Whats […] Continue reading “Welcome to the new Meebox!”.