Meebox bliver til UnoEuro. Læs hvad det betyder for dig.

New support chat opening hours

Isn’t it lovely? You guys have given us so much to do, that we must admit, that we cannot keep up anymore. Therefore we hired Søren, who has been working with us since this monday. And now that we’ve got some extra man-power, we’ve decided to let that come into your favor. Therefore we will […] Continue reading “New support chat opening hours”.

New cPanel design

In our recent user tests, we found that especially one thing was mentioned over and over again. Our control panel! It has all the functions it needs, and can do everything that you need – but a lot of people found it difficult to use, confusing and not very intuitive.   We have listened to […] Continue reading “New cPanel design”.

It’s our birthday!

It’s Meebox’ birthday! (do you have any idea how much preparation lies behind thouse 3 words…?). We got a lot of suggestions that we should give you guys cake. That has been written down. Next year we will invite for cake and coco in Meebox HQ.   We have (of course) chosen to celebrate this […] Continue reading “It’s our birthday!”.

Get a Meebox-badge

A wanted and a bit cool feature is now here. People want to show, that they are using Meebox. And we are very happy to heat that! So we’ve made these badges to those who’d like to show, that they are using top quality web hosting 🙂   Of course, this can also be used […] Continue reading “Get a Meebox-badge”.

Official cPanel Partner

It is no more than a short while ago that Meebox got accepted as an Officiel cPanel Partner.     cPanel is the control panel that we are using on all our web hosting accounts. Both our cheap hosting and our professional hosting. This is an acknowledged standard from USA.   Besides the honour of […] Continue reading “Official cPanel Partner”.

New banking informations

As of today we are changing our banking informations to the following:   For danish national transfers: 8145 0002102927   For international transfers: IBAN: DK2881450002102927 BIC: SHOBDK21   If you are paying using a bank transfer, please start using these informations as of today.

PHP 5.3 is on it’s way

We are finally ready to upgrade our web servers from PHP 5.2 to the newest PHP 5.3. The upgrade will happen on friday, july 15th at 0000. I expect it to last a couple of hours before everything is up to date. We do not expect any downtime as a consequence of this upgrade. 99 […] Continue reading “PHP 5.3 is on it’s way”.