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Meet Team Meebox

We are proud of our team. Very proud. They are the best and they always ensure you the best possible experience with us.

Patrick Theander -
Patrick Theander

CEO, co-owner

Anders Eiler -
Anders Eiler

CTO, co-owner

Sebastian Gade -
Sebastian Gade

Account Manager

Casper Ackermann -
Casper Ackermann


Robin Petersen -
Robin Petersen

Support Engineer

Martin Toft -
Martin Toft

Support Engineer

Patrick Bassing -
Patrick Bassing

Support Engineer

Lasse Jakobsen -
Lasse Jakobsen

Support Engineer

Christian Iversen -
Christian Iversen

System Administrator

Thomas Jørgensen -
Thomas Jørgensen

System Administrator

Jakob Kruse -
Jakob Kruse

System Administrator

Tina Jensen -
Tina Jensen


Entrepreneurship, tech-geekyness and a hell a lot of coffee and/or Coca-Cola.

Once upon a time, we were just a small basement-startup with a great idea and a vision. A vision to change the hosting market back then, with providers promising blue skyes and happy endings, only to fool the customers with complicated and unfair conditions. We wanted to change that – and we did! Despite the fact that we still feel like and identify ourselves as entrepreneurs, we can look in at ourselves and see one of the more serious hosting providers in Denmark – still growing fast. We put a lot of effort to remain true to who we are and still be the company that we have always been and always will be.

Meebox consists of 33% innovation, 33% technical wonders, 33% love for hosting and 1% wild ideas. We love Meebox, we love hat we are doing and we greatly appreciate each and every customer. We are a mix-up of creative entrepreneurs and talented people. But behind the scene, we are just like many others – highly motivated, coca-cola drinking nerds who has a huge love for technical solutions that does one job: They work!

We appreciate our customers feedback and take every complaint very serious and act upon it. It drives us – positive feedback from customers who have had a good Meebox-experience. When it happens that we have not been good enough, we do everything in our power to change the wrong to a right and still leave the customer with a positive felling. Our goal is to provide a good hosting-experience – every time!

Even though we are proud of our history and what we have accomplished so far, we are never completely satisfied. We always feel that something is missing or that there is something we can improve. And that is a good thing! Because that is why Meebox keeps developing and improving. We never lean back and wait for the orders to come in. We work 24/7 on improving ourselves, collect inspiration and keep growing. Because Meebox is everything for us.

We believe in honesty, an open mind and respect. We practice that internally in Meebox, as well as externally. We do not wrap things up and our sales-team do not promise something we cannot deliver. We believe that a correct answers is better than a quick answer, and we believe that the strongest customer-bonds are build based on trust and honest, and that that is the way to the best results.